Alestorm’s Sunset On The Golden Age: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Alestorm have been working hard on their new album, Sunset on the Golden Age, which blows all their previous albums out of the water, and is set to be released August 1.

The hardest thing for Alestorm is the trick of keeping the music fresh without boring people with their ‘pirate’ themes, while at the same time keeping the album full of them without sacrificing the music.

‘Drink’ is a very straightforward song, but has a chorus designed to be sung by thousands of people very loudly and very drunkenly. It was an obvious choice for a single, it deserves more praise than it’s getting and it causes the album to pick up pace.

‘Magnetic North’ is a mid-tempo track that is fantastically arranged. It has some really growly vocals and a much more gentle folk tone to make this song one of the songs that will be a strong favourite for a lot of people. The main melody conjures up nautical imagery and is definitely a more serious track.

‘1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)’ is one of my favourite tracks. It opens with a video game-like rendition of the main theme and proceeds at a steady pace, with the feelings of solidarity and desire to conquer countries normally only associated with the best of Manowar.

Sunset on the Golden Age is the title track and is perfectly paced. It has a brass section in the bridge, which makes it an uplifting and exciting part of the song.

All in all, Alestorm have come on leaps and bounds since their last album, which definitely deserves a listen!

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