Adelitas Way’s Stuck: Album Review

Tamsin Mathias

Adelitas Way are set to release their third album, Stuck, which really shows how much they have matured with their refreshing simplicity and reality. This album is definitely the one that will define their legacy.

At first listen, it’s very obvious that they did things much differently this time around as the clarity of each instrument  is easily picked out and defined. Aiming for an organic feel, no auto-tuners of any kind were used. They did things the old-fashioned way – they practiced, and practiced some more, playing each song over and over again for several hours a day. The results are stunning!

‘Dog on a Leash’ gets the blood pumping with an in-your-face old school rock song. There are no tricks, gimmicks or bells and whistles; they come at you head on. “Save the World” kicks things into overdrive. The guitars are so clean here, though having said that, it really gives the listener the chance to enjoy the passion in DeJesus’ voice. ‘Undivided’ is a power-ballad that would be played at weddings for many years to come. It’s a song that touches the heart of those who listen to it.

‘Drive’ is lyrically poetic with an amazing arrangement to it. DeJesus’ dynamic vocal range is really showcased here. Given the chance, this song has all the capabilities of topping the rock charts.

It’s clear that this band have poured their hearts and souls into this album, and it is an investment that will pay huge dividends for them. This album will take them to the next level and mark their spot as a major rock band.

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