Professor Green’s Growing Up In Public: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Professor Green will be releasing his new album, Growing Up In Public on September 21 and is one of his best albums yet.

‘Not You Man’ is a fast paced trail of thoughts running through his head, which is a style made famous by Eminem. Green has utilised is here to great effect by adding a distinctly English grime feel to it.

‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ is a cheeky two fingers up to all those that are jealous of his marriage to Millie Mackintosh, with the track bravely talking about their relationship and the media with impressive dexterity and a playful tone.

The album opener, ‘I Need Church’ displays Green’s clever wordplay with his cheeky boy about town nature coming through strongly. However, musically the song isn’t anything to shout about.

At times the album feels a little dated, such as with track Fast Life, venturing onto no new ground with it’s story of a one night stand; luckily these sections are far and few between.

Rizzle Kicks feature on the track ‘Name The Light’, which is very light-hearted and well worth a listen! Mr Probz also lends a hand on the track ‘Little Secrets’, taking more than his fair share of the vocals and working wonders with it.

However, one of the best tracks is saved till last with the title track ‘Growing Up In Public’. Green once again shows off his inventiveness with anger, comedy and creativity.

Professor Green has learned from others and it shows. He started off as rough and ready, and now he’s got experience and style. If he can rely on his own sound a little more and move away from comparisons to Eminem and others, it would make future efforts stronger and really show that the rapper is a star in his own right.

However, Growing Up In Public is a great album with many top tracks.

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