Gerard Way’s Hesitant Alien: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Former My Chemial Romance frontman, Gerard Way will release his debut solo album, Hesitant Alien on September 30 via Warner Bros. Records.

The album’s opener, ‘Bureau’ contains the thumping bang of the dums, screams of the guitar and roaring vocals, which really set the atmosphere for the rest of the album.

We then hear Gerard’s single, ‘Action Cat’, which has a smooth melody and awesome harmonies. ‘No Shows’ is his second single, which really sets the tone with it’s catchy chorus and awesome breakdown.

‘Brother’ has a full instrumentation, but is a bit more raw than the previous tracks, with ‘Millions’ coming in afterwards. This track is slightly forgettab;e and is a little bit bland, failing to give you much dynamics – it’s sound could have been explored a bit more.

‘Zero Zero’  has a punchy feel to it drawing your attention, and the edginess of ‘Juarex’ has you following it’s every move. It demonstrates great dynamics and has light hearted vocals and a smooth atmosphere.

‘Get The Gang Together is Gerard’s take on pop vs grunge, and his gnarly vocals compliment his clean vocals, making it work perfectly. ‘How It’s Going To Be’ is something completely different that you don’t expect to emerge from the alvum, but it has great synths, a consistent beat and his smooth vocal work, with ‘maya The Psychic’ seeing the album out on an enthusiastic note.

Gerard is definitely on the way to making a fruitful solo career, starting with this album, which shows you Gerard like you’ve never heard him before. The guitars were a little too loud on some of the tracks with the vocal being lost slightly in the midle, but this isn’t a major problem.

You definitely don’t think of My Chemical Romance when listening to this album, and it’s funny to think that he was the person who fronted the band when listening to it.

It will be interesting to see what Gerard does next as he has become an amazing artist in his own right.

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