Weezer’s Everything Will Be Alright In The End: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Weezer released their new album, ‘Everything Will Be Alright in the End’ on Tuesday (Sept 30) and is a great listen!

The opening track starts with a little girl’s voice saying “Mummy, I had a nightmare”. Her mother replies saying “Go back to sleep, honey. Everything will be alright in the end”, which introduces the album nicely. The drums begin pounding and it unfolds into a really fast and bright album opener. It sets the album up really nicely.

‘Back To The Shack’ is a bit more laid back and really rocks out. It sounds a bit more commercial than the first track, but is catchy and seems as though it will be a popular one and will stick in your head.

‘Eulogy For A Rock Band’ starts with drums and a distorted sounding guitars. The vocals start off quiet and then it builds up to a bright chorus, and then goes right back to the minor verse. The lead guitar is quite hard to hear in the verses, but sounds awesome in the breakdown, harmonising again.

‘Go Away’ featuring Bethany Cosentino starts smoothly with just guitar, and then has a build up of drum and bass leading into the vocals. The two vocalists harmonise perfectly and it gives it a really nice edge. It sounds like it’s got a simple chord sequence, but it sounds great because you’re concentrating more on the vocals than anything else.

Bethany’s vocals really complement Rivers Cuomo’s, and this will probably be one of the most popular songs of the album.

‘Cleopatra’ starts with low acoustic guitar, and goes into the chorus really quickly. It has a country a western feel to it. There’s no hanging about in this song, it’s a few bars on the verse and straight into the chorus, which is simple and sounds great. The lead up to the breakdown sounds like it has a few Egyptian elements in it, and the breakdown sounds amazing with a grunge feel to the guitars, with the harmonising of the guitars really adding to the song.

‘Foolish Father’ starts kinds eerily with distored guitars and vocals, but then builds up to a really nice chord sequence and really smart vocals. The chorus sounds great – it’s really snappy and bright and the guitar riff sounds simple and really suits. The breakdown starts with nothing except the guitar and then builds up with harmonising guitars, and then into a really bright feel-good sound. The lyrics ‘Everything will be alright in the end’ repeat to end the song, which ties the album title in nicely.

This album is well worth a listen. Weezer have definitely pulled this one off.

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