Jessie J’s Sweet Talker: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Jessie J will be releasing her funky new album ‘Sweet Talker’ on October 13, and is set to take the charts by storm.

The opening track ‘Ain’t Been Done’ sounds as thought she’s upped her game for this album. She has a sassy strutting beat, with the lyrics ‘I’m gonna do it like it ain’t been done’, then ‘Burnin’ Up’ ft 2 Chainz starts with a dramatic introduction of guitars and echoed vocals, descending into a mash-up of handclaps and whirred sirens.

‘Sweet Talker’ is a midtempo R*B banger, where jessie tells us she’s more likely to be won over by words than looks. The chorus on this song soars majestically and sounds great.

‘Bang Bang’ is the album’s lead single and became the UK’s Number 1 single and is definitely up there with Jessie’s best tracks, and leads into the first ballad of the album, ‘Fire’. Co-written by Jessie and John Newman, this track has an extended into of dramatic strings and rumbling beats.

‘Personal’ is another ballad, with bobbing beats and gentle acoustics, offering a stripped-down moment of relief. This is an emotional track of doomed love with Jessie admitting to ‘crying all night’.

‘Masterpiece’ is a Jekyll and Hyde of a song where Jessie sings about being ‘ferocious’ and ‘precious’, with a singalong piano-pop chorus, leading into ‘Seal Me With A Kiss’ ft De La Soul, and it every bit the R*B throwback you’d expect.

In ‘Said Too Much’, we hear Jessie belting out the notes while singing about her attempt to piece back together a fraught relationship, but feels slightly lost amongst the bulky tracklisting.

‘Loud’ hears Jessie speak out against her detractors over theatrical strings, leading into ‘Keep Us Together’, which is another 90s R&B throwback track.

‘Get Away’ is a pop ballad, and has been stripped-down to allow Jessie’s voice to take centre stage. ‘Your Loss I’m Found’ has a massive chorus where the air drums and her voice take flight. This is the most vocally challenging on the album.

‘Strip’ has a faster tempo where Jessie demands her man to stop trying to impress her with flashy gimmicks, leading into the album closer ‘You Don’t Really Know Me’, where she becomes confessional about life since finding fame.

This album is great and proves that Jessie isn’t afraid to experiment. While there may be less tricks on this album, Jessie still remains one of the most talented singers in the UK.

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