Rachel Platten’s Wildfire: Geek Notes Review

By Tamsin Mathias

On New Year’s Day, the beautiful Rachel Platten released her new breakthrough album, ‘Wildfire’, and unfortunately, it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

The 12-track album doesn’t show off her full potential that the single ‘Fight Song’ did, and each track tries to be an anthem by itself. The single from the album, ‘Stand By You’ brings nothing new to the table, and doesn’t give any indication that she has progressed.

We were expecting a few risks in this album. Pretty much every artist takes their music to the next level with the following album, but it feels as though Platten is playing it safe.

All the songs feel quite ‘safe’, with cliche anthems, catchy chrouses and easy radio acceptance, and her songs sounds as though they could have been a lot more special.

This is especially the case with her song, ‘Speechless’, which was leading up to being a stand out track, but unfortunately, fell as flat as a pancake.

Platten’s vocals are used more efficiently in ‘Beating Me Up’, but still doesn’t quite deliver, which could be down to its lack of originality.

The track ‘Better Place’ feels as though she wrote and recorded it because she needed to fill up the space on the album, and again, lacks originality.

It seems she has decided to showcase her lack of imagination when it comes to songs such as ‘Lone Ranger’, and the dubstep and auto-tune in ‘You Don’t Know My Heart’ sounds out of place, and drowns out her voice almost completely.

‘Astronauts’ sounds a bit better with a bit of electro-pop in there, and it almost saves the album. However, it’s not good enough to save it completely. A couple more songs like this might have been a better idea.

‘Congratulations’ sounds a bit Btirney-esque, and talks of a relationship that is raw and bitter, which has broken down. It’s not bad, but not great.

Most people will like this album, but for others, the album will be something that will be forgotten about and discarded. I don’t think I’ll be listening to it again, anyway …

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