Pat Smith: Local Spotlight

By Tamsin Mathias

Pat Smith, a 38-year-old music veteran with a passion for playing music, having been playing guitar for around 32 years and writing songs for around 22. 

Pat is an extremely skilled musician and has a wonderfully bright sound. But it’s not always been plain sailing for Pat. 

In 2014, Pat arrived in Tenerife with 18 euros, a bag of clothes and a mobile phone. He couldn’t speak Spanish and didn’t know anybody there. 

He said: “After a few hours in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I found a guitar for 16 euros. It was broke the neck was bent and the body was warped, and the bridge was coming away. It had 4 strings, but I sat down to play it and within 15 minutes, I had the euros back, which meant I could eat for the first time since breakfast the day before. 

“I found that I had a way to earn, so I went down to the fishing port and got some fishing line off one of the guys doing netting to replace the missing strings until I could afford a new set, and I continued from there!”
Since then, Pat has released new single entitled ‘3 Kings’, something that he calls his ‘tribute to the lives of David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister and John Bradbury’. 

At the end of January, Pat also released a second single, ’06 No Respect’, in preparation for the release of his brand new album in March this year. 

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