Ceri Dupree’s Immaculate Deception at The Torch

By Tamsin Mathias

On Saturday, Geek Notes were treated to a night out at The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven to watch the fabulous and daring Ceri Dupre with his latest show, Immaculate Deception. 

Having watched Ceri on stage almost four years ago, we knew what was in store for us as members of the audience, and we were intrigued to see how Ceri’s performance had evolved and changed over the years. Would we see the same or would we see something new?

Upon arrival at The Torch we were greeted in the auditorium with a beautiful, glamorous stage, with pillars covered in glitter and a black screen taking centre stage. 

The stage was lit with a beautiful pink hue, giving the illusion the glitter was pink, but it was in fact silver, enabling it to take on any colour light that was shone at it. 

As the lights went down, the screen went through a series of all of the drag queens of history and men who have dressed up as women, such as Dame Edna, Lilly Savage, Danny La Rue, as well as famous faces such as Robbin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire and Freddy Mercury in the music video for ‘I Want To Break Free’, and ending up with Ceri Dupree himself. 

Ceri took centre stage in a beautiful lime green dress full of glitz, and started off the comedy filled roller-coaster ride. The audience, giggling with excitement, hung on his every word, which later turned to roars of laughter mixed with a few gasps as Ceri cracked a few jokes. 

Ceri brings with him a majestic presence, as he struts his stuff on stage with legs that even teenagers would evny as though he owned it. And having been given permission to take photos of the performance, we couldn’t help taking a few snaps to remember every detail of the performance. 

In between acts during the first half, music would play and images would flash onto a screen to give you a clue as to who was next. One of our favourites, Camilla Parker-Bowles, we managed to guess correctly! With ‘Prince Charming’ by Adam and the Ants booming through the auditorium and photographs of a toffee, a nose and a cow, we giggled as we wondered which princess Ceri would appear as. 

Once a photo of a horse with its teeth on show appeared, followed by another of a fox, we knew it was Camilla. 

Ceri appeared from the wings with a sparkly red horse riding jacket with a fox attached to the shoulder and hilariously over the top jodphurs and riding boots, with a crop in his hand. 

This is where the audience interaction started to come into play, and it was brilliant. Ceri cracked some of the rudest jokes we’ve heard, which made us wonder what older members of the audience would think. But, after taking a look around, everyone we could see was laughing – some snorting – so there was nothing to worry about! 

The theme continued, with some acts being centred around taking the mickey out of the characters, with others centred around paying respect to wonderful women. 

As the second half came to a close, Ceri appeared as Edith Piaf to sing Non Regrette Rien, dressed in the famous black dress and standing almost exactly like Edith as she sang the famous song. 

No talking from Ceri for this one – more respect, and Ceri sang it beautifully. Something that many audience members said they felt was a difficult task for Ceri to pull off, but he did so perfectly. 

Once everyone returned from the interval, it was time to get down to business and see what drag is all about. The screen that was used for clues, now had a light shining behind, so we could see Ceri changing into the next character in between acts, with the help of a friend. 

It was interesting to watch the shapes, and impressive to see how quickly Ceri can change a pair of tights! We may have to ask him for tips. 

Ceri first appeared as Cher in an exremely daring costume that on one hand, didn’t leave much to the imagination, but on the other hand, made you think: “Where is it?”

You know what we’re talking about. 

Our favourite from the second half was Ceri’s spooky impersonation of Dame Edna. Ceri took a lot of time talking to the audience, and what a savage Dame Edna he was! With brilliant quick wit, Ceri was able to improvise jokes on the spot with what was given to him from different members of the audience. Our only disappointment was that he didn’t pick on us! 

Other acts such as Heidi Hi had some members of the audience laughing uncontrollably. It must have been hard for Ceri not to laugh himself, but he kept perfect composure as he strutted his stuff as the Welsh lady on stage. 

Ceri’s sense of humour is not for the faint hearted, as it can be very close to the bone, but if you’re in need of a night out with lots of glamour and giggling, then make sure you get to see Ceri Dupree’s Immaculate Deception before it’s too late! 

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