Beartooth’s Disease: Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

Beartooth brought out their third studio album ‘Disease’ on September 28 with Red Bull Records and UNFD, and we’re absolutely blown away.

The album is a painstaking, riff-driver examination of the unshakeable throes of depression, and whilst there are moments of positivity, it’s the sound of triumph. It’s the sound of survival.

Bringing us in with a bang is ‘Greatness Or Death’, which at first sounds like a soft track to get us started. But it’s not. Not at all.

Title track ‘Disease’ is the second song of the album, and it’s one that has touched our hearts here at Geek Notes. A song that everyone who has ever suffered with depression will be able to relate to, and one that will help you to understand if you never have, this track brought us to tears on first listen.

The chorus, “It’s like holding on when my grip is lost, I still feed my insecutiry when I know the cost. Is it taking over? Will it bury me? Or will clarity become the cure for my disease?”

Such powerful lyrics, amongst talk of faking smiles, telling yourself you should be fine, and contemplating suicide. It’s definitely a track that people suffering with depression will help to feel less alone with their thoughts.

Aside from the lyrics, the riffs in this song are brutal and yet wonderful. The melody is one that is easy to sing along to, so if you want to sing your heart out with Beartooth, whether you’re in the car or in the shower, you can.

With tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘Bad Listener’, we’re treated to tracks that will get us banging our heads back and forth and trying out our best screams.

‘Afterall’ brings us less of a fiery tone to the previous track, with it’s vibrant chorus that makes you forget what the lyrics are about. But, when you listen – really listen – you can hear the emotion in his voice and how much Caleb Shomo means everything he’s singing.

One of our favourite tracks, which is situated toward the end of the album, is ‘Infection’. Shomo’s vocals are so impressive as he sings about feeling useless, and how the depression feels like he’s caught an infection, and can feel it running through his veins.

This song, we feel, really captures his struggles with depression, and whilst it’s a fantastic song musically, lyrically, it’s really sad.

Caleb Shomo’s vocals are so impressive, from soft vocals to deep and dirty screams and everything in between, his vocals are extremely diverse and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Speaking about Disease as a whole, Shomo said: “The album is a whirlwind of emotion. Crazy highs, crazy lows, and lots of intensity. The record isn’t about winning anything. It’s about trying to even begin to learn how to deal with things. It’s hard to process just how dark you can get, what you can really put yourself through with expectations. It’s like starting from the beginning all over again. At the end of the day, it is a very dark album.”

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