Papa Roach’s Who Do You Trust?: Album review

By Tamsin Mathias

It’s always brilliant to see artists develop and evolve over the years, especially as the music scene changes so rapidly.

But that’s no problem for Papa Roach, who since his debut album ‘Infest’ in 2000 has been banging out albums over the years – and they’ve all been awesome. And, that’s no exception for his brand new 12-track album ‘Who Do You Trust?’, released on January 18.

Kicking off the album with an ironically named track, ‘The Ending’, Papa Roach wit their electronic vibes, reminding us very much of the ‘Stranger Things’ theme, lead us gently into an album jam packed with majestic rock riffs, brilliant lyrics and booming vocals.

‘Renegade Music’, a slightly heavier track than the first with an ‘explicit’ warning (as if we care about that, right?) has an amazingly powerful chorus accompanied with some dirty bass lines and riffs.

We’re brought then to a softer track, ‘Not The Only One’. Beginning with acoustic guitars, the track builds steadily toward the chorus with a brilliant melodic line. Then, just as we think it’s going to be a steady track, Papa Roach kicks us in the teeth with a big and bold chorus.

Just like the accomplished songwriters they are, Papa Roach manage to bring it back to the softer feel, giving us a very complex track.

Next up is the title track, ‘Who Do You Trust?’, with a pounding beat and a steady riff and an amazing build up to the chorus. The track is musically impressive with lots of break downs and build ups, making it an absolute pleasure to listen to.

The next track on the album that catches our attention is ‘Come Around’. A softer track with calmer vocals and stunning lyrics, giving a nice change to the hard-hitting tracks we’ve heard before.

Papa Roach have developed as the years have passed and become a more commercial band, however, you can still hear their roots through the music with their sombre lyrics and gravelly vocals.

Moving on to ‘Top Of The World’, it has an interesting introduction with what seems like it’s going to be a soft track, but with a slight break in the pre chorus, they blast through with majestic guitar riffs and a fantastic melody. This track is a definite dark horse.

Papa Roach is known widely for their songs regarding depression and suicide, giving people around the world songs to relate to. And he doesn’t disappoint. Toward the end of the album he brings back his less-commerical rocky side, starting with ‘I Suffer Well’.

Pounding drums and screaming vocals remind us of why we fell in love with Papa Roach in the first place.

Papa Roach have managed to pull off a fantastic album yet again with ‘Who Do You Trust?’. We’d definitely recommend you go pick up a copy! Now!

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