Aiden Hatfield releases brand new single, ‘This Is Never Ending’

By Tamsin Mathias

It can’t be easy being a rock star AND an inspiration to everyone suffering with mental health issues. But Aiden Hatfield seems to be doing it just fine.

His brand new single ‘This Is Never Ending’ has a wonderfully full sound, and having never heard any of Aiden’s music before, we here at Geek Notes have fallen hopelessly in love with his new release.

With pounding drums and rocking guitars, this is a track that captures our attention immediately. Aiden’s voice pierces through with powerful lyrics that he sings with such emotion that it carries right through to the listener. He sings effortlessly. Or at least it sounds it!

A simple music video to accompany the track, yet one that you can’t take your eyes off, as Aiden sings about depression – or at least that’s what we’ve interpreted the lyrics to mean – whilst his hands are tied together with rope.

Aiden has seriously captured our attention here at Geek Notes, and we CAN’T WAIT to hear the rest of his songs on his up and coming EP, Chapter One, which you can pre-order on Amazon by clicking … HERE!

Aside from being a rockstar, Aiden owns a clothing brand entitled In Music We Trust, where 50% of the profits from the clothing sold is donated to Mind Mental Health Charity.

List to his track here:

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