Top 10 horse selfies: RDR2 Online

Everyone wants to look cool on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Let’s not beat around the bush.

We here at Geek Notes have found some of the best horse selfies on Rockstar’s Social Club for you to take a look at, whether it’s for inspiration or just to admire.

So without further ado, here are some of THE BEST horse selfies we’ve found so far! Get in touch if you think you’ve got a photo that you think could make the list!

1. Barrow Lagoon, West Grizzlies, Ambarino

Captured by Debra_Morgan

2. Emerald Ranch, New Hanover, Heartlands.

Captured by R1CHIEC

3. Great Plains, West Elizabeth, near Upper Montana River

Captured by TheVier

4.New Austin, Rio Bravo, between Mercer Station and Fort Mercer


5. Blackwater, West Elizabeth, Great Plains

Captured by Kyalliara

6. Cholla Springs, New Austin

Captured by DerLevi4than

7. Big Valley, West Elizabeth, Mount Shawn

Captured by Tamsinite

8. New Austin, Rio Bravo, near Benedict Pass

Captured by zebfar

9. Crop Farm, near Emerald Ranch, New Hanover, Heartlands

Captured by HairyHole

10. Lake Isabella, Ambarino, West Grizzlies

Captured by Killerinnstinct

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