While She Sleeps’ ‘SO WHAT?’: Geek Notes Album Review

By Tamsin Mathias

While She Sleeps released their brand new album ‘SO WHAT?’ on March 1, and having never given this band much attention before, I didn’t really know what to expect.

The album kicks off with a track entitled ‘ANTI-SOCIAL‘, and begins with a complicated riff and what sounds like will be a heavy rocking track.

With no expectations, I have to admit, I’m already falling in love with this band, and to be honest, I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not having given them my full attention in the past. They’d fit right in with bands like Beartooth and Bring Me The Horizon, so if you’re into those bands, you’ll enjoy While She Sleeps’ music.

Anyway, the track has such a huge sound and a really full, majestic chorus. The breakdown has some really great extra sounds to accentuate the lyrics.

Next up is another fast paced, no punches pulled track called ‘I’VE SEEN IT ALL‘, and bloody hell guys. It sounds like it! I absolutely adore the build ups and drops that make this such a versatile track with so much going on.

Slow, softer bits with amazing vocals, and others with such rich sounds. Brilliant. Love it.

The next track ‘INSPIRE‘ starts really strong and it carries that strength right through the track. The vocals by Lawrence Taylor are just beautiful, which is something that you don’t often hear about metalcore bands. But still, his vocals are so impressive.

The title track is up next – ‘SO WHAT?‘, and it’s placed in the album perfectly, with a slightly softer start, but has such a fantastic drop in the introduction, leading into the chorus. It’s a song that feels modern, but also has a bit of a throwback element to the noughties era of Killswitch Engage.

It’s quite a long song, but it doesn’t matter. It’s big, it’s bold and full of fire.

The next song that captured my attention was ‘ELEPHANT‘. It doesn’t just capture your attention, it cups it in their hands, sticks it in a jar and shakes it about. A fantastic start and a breathtaking build up, I can see myself in a mosh pit thrashing around to this track.

Well, maybe not me, because I’m not actually all that brave enough to get in the thick of it when it comes to mosh pits, but I can see other people doing it!

Without wanting to give you too many spoilers about this album, I’m just going to tell you that it’s absolutely magnificent and I’m REALLY pissed I’m not an established While She Sleeps fan – but I can say with utmost certainly that I am now (est. 2019).

While She Sleeps is a band that does ‘heavy’ and ‘metalcore’ properly – it’s not over the top, it’s not too little. It is, in fact, as Goldilocks would put it, ‘just right’. They’ve got a great identity and I’m delighted to have found yet another band to love and adore.

My only criticism would be that some of their songs sound similar, and if you’re not concentrating, it’s hard to tell where one song starts and another ends.

BUT – there isn’t actually a bad track on the album. So if you haven’t listened to it, go start up Spotify or go grab their album from Amazon. You won’t regret it.

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