Drunkn Bar Fight VR: Geek Notes Review

By Andy Chandler

Gratituously violent games haven’t been my bag since the original GTA hit PS1, but then I WAS 13.

It’s so easy to make a violent game, it’ll grab the headlines and by then no other part of the game will matter if it’s controversial.

Drunken Bar Fight VR is one of those games. There’s no narative, it doesn’t look great and it only has three levels, this is totally guilty pleasure level of gaming.

So you throw your VR headset on and then you find yourself in a bar full of people and then what you do is up to you, you can just have a quiet pint…..or you can pick up that zimmer-frame and wrap it around someone’s head.

Once you do that, everything kicks off and you’re immersed right in the middle of it normally doing a Beavis and Butthead style snicker whilst you look for the next object you can use as a weapon.

It doesn’t look particularly great,the ragdoll physics are terrible and the controls are fiddly as hell and will be until Sony put thumbsticks on a Move controller, but it’s fun.

The 13 year old in me would love this game to absolute bits.

The 34 year old knows it’s genuinely crap. The 34 year old also doesn’t care.

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