We here at Geek Notes are a diverse little bunch, and we thought you might like to know who is behind the articles on our website, and who the voices belong to on our videos.

So, without further ado, here’s our little three-piece team!

Tamsin Mathias

Founder of Geek Notes, Tamsin writes reviews for the website and features in many of the online videos. She is a huge fan of bands such as Linkin Park, Nothing But Thieves, My Chemical Romance, and weirdly, Take That! She’s also the frontwoman of a band called Trash Polka – check them out by clicking here!

Tamsin is a massive Harry Potter geek and is a proud Gryffindor.

She also loves playing games like GTA V, Destiny and RDR2 with her posse, #SocialOutcasts.

Lel Mitchell

Lel, a gentle-voiced gamer girl who most of the time has a silent giggle on our gameplay videos, is quite the dark horse.

She may sound sweet and innocent, but she’s the first to knock you off your horse on RDR2 or throw a lasso around you while you’re riding your horse!

Lel is another Harry Potter geek like Tamsin, except she’s a Slytherin! You’d think she and Tamsin would be enemies, but they are in fact the best of friends. Who’d have thought!?

Lel goes by the gamer tag Lelyums, and her online shenanigans are hilarious!

Andy Chandler

Probably the loudest of the group here at Geek Notes (although Tamsin isn’t far off), Andy LOVES a good watch of the old telly box, and writes most of the Film and TV reviews for the website.

Andy is a child of the 80s and his passion for sci-fi and classic films is prevalent in his writing.

Although he hasn’t featured on any online gameplay videos yet, don’t worry – he’ll be joining us soon!